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Gottwald Schwarz

Born: 08-02-1880
Faculty: Medical School | Medical University Vienna
Category: Expelled teacher
Gottwald SCHWARZ (born on August 2nd, 1880 in Brünn, died on February 26th, 1959 in New York/USA) was lecturer ('Dozent') for Medizinische Radiologie at the Medical School of the University of Vienna.
After passing his A-levels at the Sperlgymnasium in Vienna, he studied at the Medical School of the University of Vienna and wrote his first scientific work about the examination of X-ray on eggs ('Wirkung der Radiumstrahlen auf Hühnereier', 1903). He graduated on March 23rd, 1904 with the academic degree 'Dr. med.' and finished a Specialist Training of roentgenology at the Vienna's General Hospital.
He was appointed head of the Roentgendepartment of the 1st University Hospital and promoted lecturer of medical radiology in 1914. From 1920 till 1938 Gottwald Schwarz worked as head of the Roentgenlaboratory at Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Hospital in Vienna. On Oktober 30th, 1926 the Medical School awarded him the title of associate professor, in 1935 he was appointed legal expert for X-ray diagnostics and -therapy.
Gottwald Schwarz wrote numerous scientific works, especially about X-ray diagnostics (Roentgendiagnostik) and radiotherapy, but also short novels and dramas. He was member of some international professional associations, e.g. honorary member of the American Roentgen Society.

He was persecuted in times of Nazism as a Jew lost his position and was thrown out of the university on April 22nd, 1938. His son Gerhart Schwarz, who studied at the Medical School of the University of Vienna, was expelled in 1938 and could not finish his studies.

Together with his wife Charlotte Schwarz (nee Hiller) and his son Gerhart, he emigrated to the USA. He ran a private practice together with his wife. He died on February 26nd, 1959 in New York/USA.

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