Following the advent of the National Socialist regime in the year 1938, more than 2,700 mostly Jewish affiliates of the University of Vienna were dismissed and subsequently driven away and/or murdered - lecturers, students and administration employees. Furthermore, over 200 people were stripped of their academic titles.
In 2008, 70 years after the so-called "Anschluss" [annexation] and the pogroms of what came to be cynically called the "Kristallnacht" [Crystal Night], the University of Vienna commemorates this injustice and  ...

Harry Goldstein (GOLDSTAJN, später: GRANT)

  • Born: 05-09-1914
  • Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy
  • Category: expelled student

Harry GOLDSTEIN (GOLDSTAJN, later: GRANT), born on May 9th, 1914 in Athens/Greece (entitled residency ('heimatberechtigt') for Nagy-Bečkerek/Ban. Dunaska, Austro-Hungaria [Zrenjanin/Vojvodina, Serbia], Citizenship: Yugoslavia), son of Julius Goldstein (white-collar worker), lived in Viennas' 16th district, Friedmanngasse 18/IV/10, was enrolled finally in the fall term 1937/38 at the Philosophical School in the 4th year of his studies and took courses in German and English language and literature Studies (Leaving Certificate ('Abgangszeugnis') was issued on April 7th, 1938).

He was forced to leave the University and had to flee from Vienna for racist reason. He succeeded to emigrate to England in 1938 and, after various civilian jobs, joined the Royal Yugoslav Airforce and flew with the (British) Royal Airforce|RAF in the Italian Campaign of World War II.  He changed his name to Grant and was commissioned in the RAF after the war, retiring in 1969 with the rank of Squadron Leader. He made several trips to Vienna in later life for reunions with friends from school and university.

As his son Peter Grant remembers in 2018: "He was very proud of his association with the University and regretted not being able to complete his degree."

Harry Grant died in November 2004.

Lit.: information from his son Peter Grant, 2018

Herbert Posch


Nationale of Harry Goldstein, fall term 1937/38 (1st form front), Photo: H. Posch (c) Universitätsarchiv WienNationale of Harry Goldstein, fall ...
Nationale of Harry Goldstein, fall term 1937/38 (1st form back), Photo: H. Posch (c) Universitätsarchiv WienNationale of Harry Goldstein, fall ...

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