Following the advent of the National Socialist regime in the year 1938, more than 2,700 mostly Jewish affiliates of the University of Vienna were dismissed and subsequently driven away and/or murdered - lecturers, students and administration employees. Furthermore, over 200 people were stripped of their academic titles.
In 2008, 70 years after the so-called "Anschluss" [annexation] and the pogroms of what came to be cynically called the "Kristallnacht" [Crystal Night], the University of Vienna commemorates this injustice and  ...

Bruno Roedl

  • Born: 11-15-1906
  • Faculty: Faculty of Law
  • Category: deprivation of academic degree

Bruno A. ROEDL (b. on November 15th, 1906 in Vienna), had graduated at the Law School at the University of Vienna on July 17th, 1930 with the academic degree "Dr. iur.". Since October 1937 he had been admitted to the Vienna Bar, had his own law office in Vienna's 6th, Mariahilfer Strasse 105, and lived in Vienna's 3rd, Ungargasse 22/I/7.

He was considered an "Aryan" under the Nazi racial laws, but his then fiancée and later wife Martha Glaser, née Freund (b. 1896) was considered a "Jew" and was forced to leave the country; marriage would have been forbidden under the Nazi racial laws. He therefore left for Switzerland on August 8th, 1939 (his fiancée had already fled to England in September 1938). As he stated in a victim welfare application in 1957, the departure was also "in protest against Hitler and the refusal to fight for his ideas." Due to the outbreak of World War II, he was no more able to meet his future wife again until after the end of the war and he had to stay in Engelberg/Switzerland.

He had resisted several requests to return to the German Reich, so he was expatriated at the beginning of December 1944 (announced in the German Reichsanzeiger of December 9th, 1944), whereupon on January 18th, 1945, he was also deprived of the academic degree Gründen by the University of Vienna, since he was considered 'unworthy of an academic degree of a German university' under National Socialism.

Bruno Roedl lived in Switzerland until 1946, but also in London, England, with his fiancée from 1946 to 1948. After receiving his entry visa at the U.S. Embassy in Zurich on December 30th, 1947, he emigrated on April 21st, 1948 with the SS Nieuw Amsterdam from Southampton, England/Great Britain towards the USA, arriving in New York City, NY on April 27th, 1948. His fiancée Martha Glaser, née Freund, first emigrated from London to Canada in December 1938, and from there to the USA in May 1949.

From August 1949 on Bruno and Martha Roedl lived together at 635 Highland Ave, Gettysburg, PA, both obtained U.S. citizenship and he worked as administrative manager of the Gettysburg Shoe Company until his retirement in 1973.

Bruno A. Roedl died on February 5th, 1999 in New York/USA.

Lit.: Archive of the University of Vienna/enrollment forms ("Nationale") IUR, graduation registry ("Promotionsprotokoll") IUR 1924-1939 No 1654, Rectorate GZ 151 ex 1942/43 (= S 127.9) No 139-141; Austrian State Archives OeStA/AdR/E-uReang/AHF, /NHF; POSCH 2009, 466; Deutscher Reichsanzeiger from December 9th, 1944, 354. Ausbuergerungsliste, No 79;; information from Dr. Barbara Sauer, Vienna 01/2022.

Herbert Posch


Bruno RödlBruno Roedl, deprevation of academic degree 1944, © Archive of the University of ViennaBruno RödlBruno Roedl, deprevation...
Bruno RödlBruno Roedl, deprevation of academic degree 1945, © Archive of the University of ViennaBruno RödlBruno Roedl, deprevation...

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