Following the advent of the National Socialist regime in the year 1938, more than 2,700 mostly Jewish affiliates of the University of Vienna were dismissed and subsequently driven away and/or murdered - lecturers, students and administration employees. Furthermore, over 200 people were stripped of their academic titles.
In 2008, 70 years after the so-called "Anschluss" [annexation] and the pogroms of what came to be cynically called the "Kristallnacht" [Crystal Night], the University of Vienna commemorates this injustice and  ...

Josef Egmont Margulies [später Margalit]

  • Born: 03-13-1899
  • Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
  • Category: expelled teacher

Josef Egmont MARGULIES [later: MARGALIT], (born on March 13th, 1899 in Buczacz, Galicia/Austro-Hungarian Empire [later: Poland, today: Butschatsch|Бучач/Ukraine]) was assistant physician without payment at the I. university-clinic of gynecology (head: Prof. Heinrich Kahr) at the Medical School of the University of Vienna in 1938.

He had studied medicine at the University of Vienna, passed his final rigorosum on July 15th, 1929, and graduated on December 21st, 1934, and gained the academic degree "Dr. med. univ.". On January 4th, 1937, he was employed as an assistant doctor without payment at the clinic of Prof. Kahr.

He was persecuted for racist reasons during National Socialism and released after the "Anschluss" in April 1938. He was replaced already on April 15th, 1938 by Dr. med. Gerbert Schwaighofer for whom the position was upgraded to a salaried assistant physician.

Josef Egmont Margulies had to flee Vienna from Nazism in 1938, but was only able to emigrate to Hrabin / China in April 1939. Just before he left home, he and his wife, Margit Suran (born 1909 in Vienna), got married, still on March 29th 1939 in Vienna. They then lived for several years in China and from 1943-1945 in the ghetto in Shanghai where they also managed the hospital together. Later they moved to Israel, changed the surname from "Margulies" to "Margalit" and continued to live and work there as doctors.

Lit.: Archive of the University of Vienna/graduation registry ("Promotionsprotokoll") MED M 33.13 Nr. 2450, rectorate GZ 677 ex 37/38, GZ 680 ex 1937/38, GZ 680/II ex 1937/38, GZ 730 ex 1937/38; REITER-ZATLOUKAL/SAUER 2022; information from Dr. Barbara Sauer, Vienna 11/2018;

Herbert Posch



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