Following the advent of the National Socialist regime in the year 1938, more than 2,700 mostly Jewish affiliates of the University of Vienna were dismissed and subsequently driven away and/or murdered - lecturers, students and administration employees. Furthermore, over 200 people were stripped of their academic titles.
In 2008, 70 years after the so-called "Anschluss" [annexation] and the pogroms of what came to be cynically called the "Kristallnacht" [Crystal Night], the University of Vienna commemorates this injustice and  ...

Felicitas Roth (Harnik)

  • Born: 02-28-1897
  • Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
  • Category: deprivation of academic degree

Felicitas ROTH (nee HARNIK) (born on February 28th, 1897 in Radautz, Bukowina/Austro-Hungarian Empire [Radauty/Romania]), had graduated at the Medical School at the University of Vienna  on March 17th, 1922 with the academic degree 'Dr. med.'.

In times of Nazism she lived in Viennas' 9th district, Schubertgasse 18/4. She could flee across the Italian border, but was caught and deported to an unknown camp in Italy, where she died.
She was deprived of her academic degree on April 1st, 1943 with the racist argument, that she as a Jew was not considered dignified an academic degree of a German university ('eines akademischen Grades einer deutschen Hochschule unwuerdig').  

It took 12 years since the deprivation – and a very long time since the end of Nazism – until the regranting of the doctorate took finally place on May 15th, 1955.

Lit.: Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW): Austrian Victims of the Holocaust.


Felicitas Harnik (later married Roth): Graduation registry ("Promotionsprotokoll"), Medical School: graduation on March 17th, 1922, No. 1031, photo: Katharina Kniefacz (c) Vienna University ArchiveFelicitas Harnik (later married Rot...

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